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Round table discussion course with the lecturers and SR engineers about the practical specific activities at the home facilities. If you can not find the subject you want, feel free to suggest your own requests.

- Beam Diagnostics
- BL Control
- Design of Soft x-ray BL Optics
- Design of X-ray BL Optics
- Detector
- Fluorescence Analysis and Imaging
- High-pressure Techniques (Sample Environment)
- Inelastic X-ray Scattering
- Medical Imaging and Therapy
- Powder X-ray Diffraction
- Protein Crystallography
- Single-crystal X-ray Diffraction
- Small-angle X-ray Scattering
- SR-based Nanoscience
- Surface and Interface Diffraction
- SX-MCD(Polarization Measurement in Soft X-ray)
- Time-resolved Techniques
- X-MCD(Phase-retarder for Producing Circularly Polarized X-ray Beams)
- X-ray Imaging